“John, I wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate you, Bryan and the entire team down at Deerwoods. Your attention to detail, professionalism and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done right have made the ownership of all my properties under your care a real joy. I can't imagine any other team even getting close to your level of service and quality.”
- Todd Walsh, Managing Member - Casa Danielle, Chateau Elan, Casa Christina, Chateau

"My partners and I have acquired numerous apartment projects over the last several years and have had the good fortune to have met and contracted with Deerwoods Real Estate Management. Deerwoods is absolutely professional in their dealings with us and the tenants. We have never had a complaint from a tenant regarding how they were treated by Deerwoods. Deerwoods does a great job with timely and cost effective repairs of damaged units and improvements. John and Bryan have tremendous construction knowledge and experience which allows them to guide us when it comes to repairs.

Deerwoods handles the rental income and expenses for us and does a great job of it. All monies are accounted for and their accounting is transparent. Records are up to date and accurate. Deerwoods also helps us in the evaluation of potential new purchases. They know what market rates are. They know what the competition is in the neighborhood. They know what deferred maintenance is going to cost. Their guidance is invaluable in making a purchase decision. Deerwoods is incredibly responsive. Both John and Bryan are easily accessible and respond quickly to any requests.

My partners and I would highly recommend Deerwoods for property management as well as consulting on purchases and sales of properties. It is my pleasure to recommend Deerwoods, JohnSmidt, and Bryan Piesczak."

- Jerry Thompson, Member 1371 Xania St., LLC